Around the world on a Honda Transalp

Here's a long italian video about a 'round-the-world-trip on a Honda Transalp 600. Enjoy!


München, Germany

Three bikes in Munich with very different character. Suitably, since this is in Bayern, one of them is a BMW.

Camera: Sharp 902, mobile phone camera
Location: Munich, Bayern, Germany
Date: 2007/04/10, Tuesday
Image processing: Text added with GIMP 2.2.13.


Bayern, Germany

Photo of bikes in the mountains of Bayern, Germany.This picture is taken on the road from München (Munich) to Walchensee. Beautiful surroundings with the mountains and the lakes. The photo is taken with the lake Kochelsee in the back. This area had more or less the same number of bikes as cars on this day. Very nice indeed.

Camera: Sharp 902, mobile phone camera
Location: Bayern, Germany
Date: 2007/04/09, Monday
Image processing: Text added with GIMP 2.2.13.



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A red Honda outside the entrance to the cable cars to Sentosa island, Singapore.

Camera: Sharp, mobile phone
Date: Christmas day, 2006

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Kawasaki GPZ 900 R

A Kawasaki GPZ 900 R from 1988 or possibly 1990. It looks quite alright except for the fairing around the headlight.

Location: Upplands Väsby, Sweden
Date: 14th of April 2006
Camera: Sharp 902, mobile phone camera
Image processing: None


Suzuki GS 500

Suzuki GS 500, a nice little bike. A bit too small though which is a shame since it looks good and has an attractive price tag.

Camera: Sharp 902, mobile phone camera
Location: Sweden
Date: 2006/04/10
Image processing: None


Pic. no. 1

Suzuki DR650R, -91. It only had a kickstart. A bit tough on hot days...


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